Operations Automation Fleet Monitoring Boost your revenue with better monitoring

SmartFleet's extensive smartphone-based vehicle tracking system allows you to monitor your fleet anytime and empowers you to do more stuff such as task management. Our solution regularly collects fleet location data that are then recorded and displayed intuitively on a Web Dashboard. With a modern GPS fleet management, you have instant and real-time access to your vehicle's specific location and task or delivery status.

Vehicle Tracking, GPS Fleet Monitoring Management & Logistics System

As a transport logistics system, we provide an edge for your daily distribution-related operations. With data on your hand such as location, speed, status and routes history, you can optimize the way you handle the business. This in turn helps increase fuel efficiency and driver productivity which reduces operational cost and improves the bottom-line.

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gps fleet management

Real-time Location Monitoring

Dispatch better by knowing the location of your vehicles anytime through a web dashboard. Information about which vehicle is idle, busy, or nearby will help improve the fuel and time efficiency of your trips.

Task Management

Quickly assign tasks and monitor their status when handling logistics, trucking, delivery, and other processes.

SmartFleet Task Management


Allows you to define location zone or fence. Once a vehicle enters or exits a fence, the system triggers a notification.

Route History

SmartFleet records routes taken by vehicles which allow the organization to analyze, plan, and optimize trip routes.

Monitoring Route History
Operations Automation Screenshot


SmartFleet provides management insights through real-time reports so you can perform strategic decisions. Examples of these reports include Vehicle routes, Daily Task Performance, Trip details, and more.